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Spirit Dance was recorded at the former 1050 CHUM headquarters - the radio station that was graced by legendary musicians such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Elton John to name a few.

I thought it would be a cool place to record given the rock and roll history and mystique that continues to resonate within the walls of what is now a boutique condo building.

This was during the 2020 Pandemic in September just before the second wave hit. I was fortunate for that window of opportunity to record just before everything went belly side up again.

The concept behind my debut album, Spirit Dance, was to gather together a collection of uplifting, inspirational and socially conscious songs, counteracting the pervasive doom and gloom of the times and offering up some heart-warming and soul-nourishing tunes.

Each individual song tells its own story but as a collective, they share a common message of universal love, harmony and peace.

Currently, I am working in creative partnership with producer Eeladias. Together we have released two remixed songs from the Spirit Dance album as well as my latest single Ancient Trees...with many more songs to come!


             New Single

Ancient Trees

This song is a call to awaken our spirits to live fully alive and active, overcoming complacency, distractions, entanglements and breaking free from the chains that bind us.

A song to celebrate Maritime culture and history, weaving together images of landscape beauty and cultural folklore.

A song to honor the lost children and survivors of residential schools.
Every child matters!

This is a Symphonic Folk Remix.

A song about the need to transcend the relentless tug of war of life's dualism to enter into a place where harmony and balance prevail.

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