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It was a jam packed interview with Chris Birkett and myself speaking with host David Moses on his show Moment of Truth @ 106.5FM The ELMNT ~ The Spirit of Toronto

...talking about my debut album 'Spirit Dance', being creative during a pandemic, synchronicity and other fun stuff.

Have a listen starting at the 29 minute mark.



 Review from Gordy The Moose of Roots Music Canada

  April 24, 2021


"Bridget is both a talented visual artist and a contemporary roots-pop singer-songwriter who is armed with a powerful voice and a compelling artistic vision. Her goal with her debut album, according to her website, was to perform a collection of uplifting, inspirational and socially conscious songs to counteract some of the doom and gloom of our current era. It’s not a Pollyannaish record by any means, and not all of the songs are about love, healing, and empowerment. For example, Bridget, who draws inspiration from her Mi’kmaq ancestry, wrote “A Canoe and a Ship” about the relationship between settlers and Indigenous people in Canada – but even that song is really a celebration of the strength and resilience of Indigenous people and an anthem of hope for a better outcome to come. It also happens to be bathed in an infectious electric guitar riff that’s distantly reminiscent of the one in Toto’s “Africa.” In fact, the production and instrumentation on this album are extremely diverse, thanks no doubt to producer/arranger Chris Birkett, who has worked with the ever-innovative Buffy Sainte-Marie. You can even hear Harpin’ Norm Lucien on harmonica in places".

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